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Environmental Activities

Growing Purple Gromwell, the Flower of Higashiomi City

Purple gromwell is designated as the flower of Higashiomi City, where the Yokaichi Plant is located. Purple gromwell is a wild herb that was selected as the theme of some tanka poems in the Manyoshu, or “Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves.” Due to difficulty in cultivation, however, purple gromwell is said to be an endangered species. The Yokaichi Plant is growing purple gromwell, together with the Association for Purple Gromwell Cultivation, in order to promote this official flower of Higashiomi City.

Growing Purple Gromwell


Our Original Flower Beds

At the Yokaichi Plant, employees are creating original flowerbeds. Currently 10 teams are involved in flower bed creation, and our flower bed competition is held twice a year.
Flower-bed creation was commenced in response to the request of employees, who wished to create a flowerbed together with their coworkers, as an employee-participatory greening activity.
These flower beds not only please employees and many visitors, but also help improve our on-site communications.

Our Original Flower Beds

Our Original Flower Beds

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Social Activities

Rhododendron Appreciation Event

The Yokaichi Plant cultivates 814 rhododendrons - the official flower of Shiga prefecture - in 160 varieties. One of these varieties is so rare that there are only four trees in Japan. We held a rhododendron appreciation event from April 19 to 25, 2009, during which our rhododendron garden was open to the public. The event attracted more than 1,400 visitors, mainly from the local community. On April 25, we held a demonstration of MURATA BOY, to outstanding success.

Rhododendron Appreciation Event 1

Rhododendron Appreciation Event 2

Cleaning up the local area

Once a week, we clean up the sidewalks along the highway in front of our factory.

Weight-guessing game: Let’s try to pick up exactly 50,000 pieces (60 g)
Plant tour - Let’s place powder in a mold to press into a tablet.

Demonstrations of MURATA BOY - Why doesn’t MURATA BOY fall down when not moving?

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