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Basic Disclosure Policy

Accurate, Impartial and Timely Disclosure

Murata's 71st General Meeting of Shareholders was held at the Head Office in June 2007, with various pertinent questions and significant opinions contributed by shareholders.

About Disclosure

Disclosure is the public presentation by a corporation of information on its business operations and other matters. In recent years, such problems as fraudulent accounting and concealed information have made corporate disclosure of vital importance.

The Company's basic information disclosure policy is to disclose accurate information to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in a timely and fair manner.

In accordance with the timely disclosure regulations of the exchanges on which it is listed, the Company discloses information applicable to these regulations via timely disclosure systems. The Company posts such publicly disclosed information on its website promptly to provide fair notice of this information fairly to general investors. The Company also discloses information other than that required by timely disclosure regulations through news media and the Company's website, when deemed effective for understanding the Company.

Murata's Disclosure Policy can also be found on the website. (

Promoting Exercise of Voting Rights by Shareholders

Making Exercise of Voting Rights Easier

About Shareholder Voting Rights

Shareholders have the right to participate in corporate management by voting for or against the motions presented at a company's General Meeting of Shareholders. The voting rights that can be exercised are proportional to the number of shares owned.

Murata has devised various means to enable shareholders to exercise of voting rights in a speedy and efficient manner and ensure their opinions are reflected by Company management.

Since 1999, we have issued convocation notices well in advance of our General Meeting of Shareholders (more than three weeks ahead). This initiative, which allows shareholders, particularly from overseas, ample time to investigate the exercise of voting rights, has boosted voting turnout 10 percentage points. Convocation notices are prepared in English, as well as Japanese, and are posted on the Company's website.

We have also introduced Internet voting, via PC or mobile telephone, to make exercising voting rights more convenient. The Company also participates in a voting platform for institutional investors.

At the General Meeting of Shareholders, we employ various measures to make information more palatable for shareholders, such as easily comprehensible explanations using charts and photographs and demonstrations using our MURATA BOY robot.

Shareholder Breakdown

Communications with Shareholders and Investors

Holding Regular Briefing Sessions for Shareholders and Investors

Annual report, Financial report

Murata holds regular briefing sessions so that analysts and institutional investors understand the Company's financial status and business strategies.

Once a year, the chairman or president conducts presentation meetings in Tokyo, and the release of quarterly results is supported by a briefing session by corporate senior executive vice president.

The chairman or president also holds briefing sessions in Europe and the United States for overseas investors.

Murata's website offers an Investor Relations section to ensure impartial, timely disclosure of information to shareholders and investors. Flash reports, materials from briefing sessions, annual reports, IR releases and other disclosure information are posted on this website.

Company explanatory meeting in Europe

Employee Perspective

Working to Enhance Understanding of the Company through the General Meeting of Shareholders

The electrical components that Murata manufactures are work, hidden from the eye, inside electrical equipment. This makes the Company's products and business activities somewhat obscure in general. The General Meeting of Shareholders is an opportunity to enhance understanding of our Company. With this in mind, we have included a glossary of product names and other terminology with reports to shareholders and convocation notices. In addition, we have revised the structure of and narration accompanying the explanatory materials at the General Meeting of Shareholders. Through practical demonstrations of products on-site at the meeting, we are making issues easier to understand from the shareholders' standpoint.

Jun AraiGeneral Affairs Department, First General Affairs Group

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