Message from the President

Does the work we do impress and astonish our customers?
Do the people we work with find their work challenging and feel personal growth?
These are the questions that we must each ask ourselves, and act upon.

“Mid-Term Direction 2018” and our longer-term visions

Since its establishment in 1944, Murata has grown significantly, and our previous mid-term direction 2013 that ended in 2015 marked a major milestone in our company's history with the achievement of 1 trillion JPY in sales. I sincerely thank all our customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders who had trust in us and enabled this achievement.

There are uncertainties in the world economy but at the same time many megatrends and societal changes that are expanding the boundaries of electronics at a fast pace, offering us new, exciting opportunities to contribute to the advancement of society. Under these circumstances, we have recently formulated our longer term visions and the next 3-year strategies – the mid-term direction 2018 – which will be extremely important for Murata's future growth.

Providing new value to new markets

With the increased number of components per high-end smartphone, and further expansion of carrier aggregation*, the demand for Murata's components and modules will continue to grow. Murata will continue to take advantage of its stable mass production capacity, supply chain and broad product portfolio, and expand business by providing new value in the communication market which is still our main pillar for growth.
*system to speed up communication by using multiple frequencies simultaneously.

At the same time we will continue to fortify other pillars for sustainable growth, building customer satisfaction in automotive, energy and healthcare markets. Our approach to these markets will be to build businesses in which we can bring Murata's uniqueness to the fore and offer new value to customers. With the expansion of the Internet of Things  (IoT)  we foresee increasing need for new types of sensing and communication technologies, and we aim to be an active player in the shaping of the smart societies.

We will also keep on strengthening our business foundation including Monozukuri  (manufacturing) , technology development and human resources development.

While we look to the future and lay the groundwork for a new growth trajectory, we remain faithful to our corporate Philosophy. Our Philosophy is still our guiding principle, keeping the wheels of the global Murata turning in the same direction, for the benefit of the society, and for the benefit of our customers.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. President
Tsuneo Murata

Our Philosophy