Murata contributes to the advancement of society by innovating, designing and supplying components and solutions for a variety of markets and applications, and the markets for Murata’s electronic components continue to grow.

Smartphones currently account for 75% of the mobile phones sold worldwide, and it is predicted that the need for multiband LTE-compatible units will spread even further.
Advancements in electrification is forecast for the field of automotive electronics along with improved safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and the growth of built-in vehicle communication functions like infotainment. The overall demand for electronic components is also trending toward smaller sizes, thinner higher performance, and higher reliability... At Murata, in addition to component products, sales of the monolithic ceramic capacitors and piezoelectric components that are our core products, as well as of communication modules in which numerous parts are embedded using multi-component, multi-layer technology are growing more and more.

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Capacitors: miniaturization and large capacity technology

Amongst the need for smaller and greater capacity monolithic ceramic capacitors, Murata has developed the world’s smallest capacitors at 0.2 mm x 0.1 mm. Advancing the world’s smallest mass-produced products as well, the adoption of 0.4 mm x 0.2-mm capacitors in high-end portable devices is ongoing. In this area as well, Murata boasts an overwhelming advantage.

Piezo-electric products: multiband, multi-mode, SAW filters that play an active role

As telecommunications standards have evolved from 3G to LTE and to 4G, the trend is towards multiband and multi-mode portable devices. In piezoelectric parts as well, we can expect an especially large growth in the demand for SAW filters and duplexers.

Communication modules: the future of space-saving, built-in component technology

The greater functionality required in smartphones and tablet PCs has increased the demand to miniaturize communication modules. The solution to that is multilayer board technology and built-in component technology. Murata is bringing together a variety of component engineering in these areas to meet customer needs.

Power supplies and other modules: Preparing a new system for industrial standard products

Up to now, Murata’s strong suit for power supply modules has been products with customized sizes and outputs. We are preparing our manufacturing system to produce industrial standard products that have large, global markets.

Other components: focusing on MEMS sensors

The need for EMI filters and inductors is increasing in the telecommunications sector. In the automotive domain, as the incorporation of systems for stability control (Electronic Stability Control) and other functions are made compulsory in each country, the demand for MEMS sensors (Accelerometers) that detect slipping tires is also expanding.