MetroCirc™ Prototypes

Murata is welcome to have an orders for MetroCircTM based on customer requests.
Enter the required items in the inquiry form and send it to us so that we may confirm the details and create a prototype product that is close to your request. Please feel free to contact us.

Murata Icon X MetroCirc™ Prototype Guide

MetroCircTM is easy to test.

Volume requests starting from 1 pc
The standard delivery period is 9 to 12 business days from the order date (depending on the specifications and regions).

The substrate prototype cost is approximately JPY 300,000 , US$ 3,000 (depending on specifications)
We have limited the initial fee to achieve a reasonable cost.

Murata Icon X Process to Start Creating a MetroCirc™ Prototype

  Contact us via the inquiry form.

After you contact us via the inquiry form, we will confirm your request through a meeting or by telephone and email. Next, we will provide the MetroCircTM standard design guide and Prototype Request Application.
  Submit the Prototype Request Application and the outline drawing data.

The customer then submits the Prototype Request Application and the outline drawing data for the planned product prototype.
  Provide the preliminary estimate and specification proposal.

Based on the submitted information, we will provide a preliminary estimate and specification proposal.
  Provide the drawing data.

The customer provides the drawing data (use the following format).
Gerber data extension: RS274X
Please consult us if you are unable to submit the drawing data.
  Provide an official estimate

Based on the provided information, we will submit an official estimate and propose a final specification.

The order is placed once the official estimate and final specification has been approved. The prototyping begins after the order entry is confirmed.

Murata Icon X MetroCirc™ Prototype Request and Other Inquiries

Please fill in the form.

Send a MetroCircTM Prototype Request from here.

Feel free to contact or consult us regarding not only prototype requests.

Send your inquiries for more information from here.