Technical Note of Proximity & Ambient Light Sensor

①PS Characteristics by Cover glass Gap with gray card 

Even though we change gap from cover glass, our PS characteristics do not change
Our sensor is not affected by the scattered light due to the reflection. Furthermore,
barrier is unnecessary.

・Cover glass : Corning Gorilla Glass 2 (t0.7mm,>91%Transmittance@840nm)
・Target:Kodak Gray card (18% reflectance) 

When you use muRata 3in1 sensor, individual adjustment and additional parts to adjustment
are unnecessary.

PS Characteristisc is stable even cover glass untill 5mm
Thus, our sensor can increase in flexibility of the design and capable of reducing total cost.

②Proximity Sensing with Gray, Black and White Target

In general, LED products need to be covered to avoid scattered light will come to sensing

LED products needs metal cover with small hole.
However, metal cover is unnecessary for our PS/AL sensor sicne our angle sensitivity is
+45℃@50% responsitibity.

・Cover Glass: Corning Gorilla Glass TM (t=0.7mm, Transmittance>91&@840nm)
・Targets:18% reflectance gray, 99% reflectance white and 3.5% reflectance black
・IRDR current:I IRDR_3:14.4mA for the gray, white and black targets

③Angle Sensitivity of Ambient Light Sensing

④Proximity characteristics about Black issue 

As figure 6 shows, our sensor is not affected by Black.
Since angle sensitivity is wide and PS intensity is large enough apart from cover glass,  
our sensor has no Black issue.

Proximity characteristic about Black issue