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Do you take any precautions related to application of flux to chip multilayer ceramic capacitors?

  1. An excessive amount of flux generates a large quantity of flux gas, which can cause a deterioration of solderability, so apply flux thinly and evenly throughout. (A foaming system is generally used for flow soldering.)

  2. Flux containing too high a percentage of halide may cause corrosion of the outer electrodes unless there is sufficient cleaning. Use flux with a halide content of 0.2% max.

  3. Do not use strong acidic flux.

  4. Do not use water-soluble *flux.
    (*Water-soluble flux can be defined as non-rosin type flux including wash-type flux and non-wash-type flux.)

Please check below for another Caution and Notice.

Caution/Notice MLCC for automotive (PDF)

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Do you take any precautions related to cleaning of chip multilayer ceramic capacitors?

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