Ceramic Capacitors FAQ


Under what conditions should chip multilayer ceramic capacitors be stored?

Storage condition: when stored before use

When a chip multilayer ceramic capacitor is stored in high temperature and humidity conditions or corrosive environments such as with sulfide or chloride gas, acid, alkali, or salt, the surface of terminations (external electrode) deteriorates causing solderability to degrade.
Murata recommends storage at ambient temperatures of 5 to 40°C and 20 to 70%RH humidity. The parts should be used within six months from the time of delivery. If stored for over six months, check for solderability before use.

Preservation condition : when stored after mounting on circuit boards.

Please store the capacitor within "usable temperature range" below, which is the specified temperature range intended for continuous use of the capacitor.

Usable temperature range

Murata's temperature characteristic code Usable temperature range (°C)
2P/2R/2S/2T/3P/3R/3S/3T/3U/B1/B3/F1 -25 to 85
F5 -30 to 85
R6 -55 to 85
C8 -55 to 105
1X/2C/3C/4C/5C/6C/7C/8C/9E/7U/C7/R1/R3/R7 -55 to 125
L8/R9/0C -55 to 150

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