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Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | PTGL09ARR33M1B51B0
Dimensions | PTGL09ARR33M1B51B0

Murata Icon X Specifications

Max. Voltage16V
Hold Current680mA
Measure Condition of Hold Current(at +60℃)
Hold Current (2)875mA
Measure Condition of Hold Current (2)(at +25℃)
Trip Current1625mA
Measure Condition of Trip Current(at +25℃)
Trip Current(2)1900mA
Measure Condition of Trip Current(2)(at -10℃)
Max. Current7A
Resistance (25℃)0.33Ω
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25℃)±20%
Power Consumption(typ)1.7W
Operating Temperature Range-10℃ to 60℃
D: Outer Dimension9mm
H: Height14mm
F: Lead Space5mm
d: Lead Diameter0.6mm

Murata Icon X Features

1. Best suited to meet the requirements for power supplies and motor protection. Error-free operation is assured by rush current.
2. Circuit is protected until current is turned off.
3. Restores the original low resistance value automatically once the overload is removed.
4. Non-contact design leads to long life and no noise.
   Durable and strong against mechanical vibration and shock because it is a solid element.

Murata Icon X Applications

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