SimSurfing (DL)

The software "SimSurfing" simulates the characteristics of Murata products.

Intended Products: 
Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors, Medium Voltage Capacitors, Polymer Capacitors, EMI Suppression Filters (Three-terminal Capacitors, Ferrite Beads) , Power Inductors, RF Inductors, NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors (POSISTOR®)

* To confirm latest products information, "SimSurfing (WEB)" is recommended under the Internet connection.
Version 4.1.3
Update Nov 1, 2016
What's new
  • Added support products to "MLCC" the total number is 8,696 in EIA .
  • Added support products to "MLCC" for automotive"the total number is 2,136in EIA. 
  • Added support products to "Polymer Capacitors" ,the total number is 52.
  • Added support products to "Power Inductors", the total number is 473.
  • Added support products to "RF Inductors" , the toal number is 2,701.
  • Added support products to "Timing Devices" , the total number is 35,693.
Intended Products
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