2011 Automotive Engineering Exposition

As electrification of automobiles advances, demands on the increasing numbers of electronic parts used in automobiles are diversifying to include miniaturization, high reliability, support for large voltages, low loss, and so on. Murata Manufacturing will introduce a variety of solutions to these issues using ceramic capacitors at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2011. In addition, modules, devices and other products that support EV and HEV design issues will also be introduced via examples of use and demonstration units.

2011 Automotive Engineering Exposition


Wednesday, May 18 - Friday, May 20


PACIFICO Yokohama Murata booth number : 222

Items in focus

  • Highly reliable chip monolithic ceramic capacitors for special mounting methods, and fail safe chip monolithic ceramic capacitors
  • Monolithic ceramic capacitors for power lines
  • Monolithic ceramic capacitors for large power applications
  • Safety standard certified ceramic capacitors for automotive applications
  • Isolation type DC-DC converters
  • NTC thermistors/PTC thermistors (POSISTOR®)
  • PLC modules
  • ESD protection devices