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New Product Information

New Product Information

Data Update Mar 17, 2014

Introducing the new product information of Murata inductors which is usable by every application.

New Product Information

  • Design Tools Simulation tools which helps the labor saving of circuitry design
  • EMICON-FUN! Let's learn electric components Noise suppression filters/Inductors/Capacitors
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Features and How to Select Inductors

Explanation of features and how to select Murata RF inductors.

Product Features and How to Select

Features and How to Select Inductors

Application Examples

Introducing characteristic explanations and recommended inductors needed by each application.

Mobile Phones

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Application Examples

Advantages of Murata Inductors

Please feel free to contact us regarding any matter.

Murata continues creating the future of the inductors by the development capability that made full use of key technology. Here we introduce environment surrounding inductor of Murata from five angles.

Knowledge of Inductor

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