Avoiding Counterfeit Products

We have found out that there are counterfeit Murata products circulating around the world especially in the East Asian region. These counterfeit products are handled by electronic component dealers or Internet Web sites, outside of our official distribution channels.

Not only do counterfeit products fall short of our quality standards, possibly causing malfunction of equipment, but the customers who use them may be penalized for unintentionally being involved in an illegal activity.

Therefore, we request our customers to make sure to purchase Murata products through Murata Manufacturing sales offices, sales subsidiaries, official distributors or the electronic component sales site "Ceramy Direct" on the Murata Web site to avoid accidentally purchasing counterfeit products.

We cordially request customers' understanding and cooperation.

If you need help in your suspect items, try our web label checking service to check if the labels on your suspect items are genuine or not. Please use this service as an initial judgment. This service is free of charge and for Murata's regular customers only who happens to buy the suspect items outside of the above-mentioned our official distribution channels.To use this special service, you need ID and PW. Please contact Murata Manufacturing sales offices or sales subsidiaries.
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Further, please contact Murata Manufacturing sales offices or sales subsidiaries separately as to whether the products themselves are genuine or not.

*Counterfeit products: We have been aware of cases where comparable or substandard non-Murata products are sold as Murata products by using copied packaging, product labels, and Murata logo.