Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will exhibit its products and technologies at the 2012 AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION to be held at PACIFICO Yokohama.

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To improve the safety and environmental performance of a vehicle, more electronic components are installed in vehicles as electronic control and electric-powered systems become more advanced. Furthermore, in-vehicle connectivity is being spotlighted in expectation of technology that can be implemented for easy access to information using networks between vehicles and social infrastructure starting with connectivity between mobile equipment and in-vehicle equipment. In response to such market needs, Murata is offering a wide range of electronic components that stand up to the high-reliability factor required for vehicles, for example, sensors, which are a key component for safety and driving performance. Murata also proposes an in-vehicle wireless communication module that contributes to in-vehicle connectivity. At this exhibition, Murata will introduce electronic components and solutions that respond to these issues in automobile design.

Technical highlights of exhibit


You will see a wide selection and application examples of automotive MEMS sensors manufactured by VTI Technologies, which has newly joined Murata Group.

  • Acceleration sensors
  • Gyro/accelerometer combo sensors
  • Pressure sensors

Energy-harvesting device

Murata will introduce the possibility of waste heat being utilized for the sensing function and reduction of the amount of wire harness, which is carried out on a test circuit that uses a combination of the energy-harvesting device (thermoelectric conversion device) and sensor.

Wireless communication module

Murata will introduce a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® combo module that meets the high reliability required of automotive equipment.

Monolithic ceramic capacitor for inverter circuit

You will see an evaluation circuit to learn the method of switching over from an aluminum electrolytic capacitor to a monolithic ceramic capacitor for an inverter circuit.



Dates: Wednesday, May 23 to Friday, May 25
Venue: PACIFICO Yokohama
Murata booth No. : P76

Murata in Brief

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, communication modules and power supply modules. Murata is committed to the development of advanced electronic materials and leading edge, multi-functional, high-density modules. The company has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. For more information, visit Murata's website at www.murata.com