About Murata Europe

In Europe, Murata has several sales offices, R&D centers and manufacturing sites, and employs approximately 1500 people. 

About Murata Europe

Murata Electronics Europe

Murata Electronics Europe is the organization responsible for the regional management of the Murata affiliates in Europe. Located in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, very close to Schiphol airport, this office coordinates all of the European sales and marketing activities.

Sales & Marketing offices are located in Germany (Nürnberg), France (Paris), Italy (Cernusco, Milan), in the Netherlands (Hoofddorp) and in United Kingdom (Fleet).

Murata Electronics Oy

Murata Electronics Oy 

Murata Electronics Oy is an R&D and manufacturing site, which is located in Finland (Vantaa), and specializes in MEMS sensors.

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Murata Integrated Passive Solutions

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions S.A. 

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions S.A. is located in France (Caen), and designs and manufactures high reliability silicon capacitors.

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Murata Power Solutions

Murata Power Solutions (Milton Keynes) Ltd. 

Murata Power Solutions is located in the United Kingdom (Milton Keynes), and specializes in the design and manufacture of DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters and magnetic products.

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ID-Solutions S.r.l.

ID-Solutions S.r.l.

ID-Solutions S.r.l. is an RFID system integrator located in Italy (Parma). The company was acquired by Murata in 2017.

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