Murata partners with antenna giant Kathrein on UHF RFID solution for traceability in electronic production


Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has formed a partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of antennas, Kathrein, to offer a solution that simplifies the implementation of RFID in electronics production. This complete solutions removes all obstacles to the adoption of RFID in the electronics production sector. The offering from Murata and Kathrein incorporates Murata's MAGICSTRAP® RFID module technology and Kathrein's customised UHF antenna technology.

“Kathrein have been active in the area of RFID for 25 years and possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in the area of UHF antennas, making them a perfect partner for this project,” states Murata's Alexander Schmoldt, who is leading the project. “Implementation of RFID in electronics production now has an optimum solution, made possible by the co-operation between Murata and Kathrein.”

With the new electronics production solution, MAGICSTRAP® RFID tags can be glued to the PCB at the very first stage of the process, so that traceability is available from the very first step onwards. Process parameters can be written to and read from the user memory in MAGICSTRAP® at any point in the production cycle. Kathrein's customised antenna ensures that each single PCB is correctly addressed. MAGICSTRAP is also compliant with the lead free reflow process.

The jointly developed solution is on display at Kathrein's RFID demonstration centre in Germany, where the use of MAGICSTRAP® on PCB and Kathrein readers in a real SMD production line environment can be shown.

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