Murata increases MLCC production capacity to keep up with market demand: Tantalum-replacement MLCCs feature excellent high frequency performance combined with short lead times


Hoofddorp, Netherlands: Murata has increased production capacity of its HiCap high capacitance range of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) as this series is replacing tantalum capacitors in increasing numbers of applications. MLCCs' excellent noise blocking performance at high frequency, lower impedance as well as lead time and price advantages mean they are more able to replace their tantalum counterparts.

Since modern electronic devices use high frequency digital signals, noise absorption at these frequencies is in demand. Ceramic capacitors are better placed to address this application as their impedance at high frequencies is much lower than their tantalum counterparts. In fact, when replacing a tantalum capacitor with a ceramic one, typically only one-fifth of the capacitance is required to produce the same noise absorption, reducing the price of the component.

Additional advantages for ceramic capacitors over tantalum include smaller self-heating effect, stable capacitance over a large frequency range, higher breakdown voltage and increased reliability. Ceramic capacitors are not polarised like tantalums, easing the placement process during manufacturing.

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