Toyama Glass Art Museum introduces wireless lighting control system

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata

Toyama Glass Art Museum is located inside of
Toyama City Complex Facility.
Opening Exhibition
"I've Got Glass! I've Got Life!"

Photos (2) courtesy of Toyama Glass Art Museum


Murata is supplying Yamada Shomei Lighting Co., Ltd. with a proprietary wireless lighting control system. The wireless control system is at the heart of Yamada Shomei Lighting's ECOwine® wireless color and lighting solution*1 that was recently introduced at the Toyama Glass Art Museum. The system frees the museum from the physical constraints of lighting control wiring and enables versatile, easy-to-use lighting control, including dimming and color temperature control.


In conventional lighting control in a museum, which includes color temperature control (adjustment of color temperature such as warm white and cool white) and dimming (adjustment of brightness), lighting fixtures were controlled by the unit of each lighting track rail, or manually controlled one by one by adjusting the knobs on the lighting fixture. As a result, lighting fixtures need to be replaced one by one to adjust colors temperature for each display exhibit. Because this process is both costly and time-consuming, there has been a growing demand for simpler ways to control dimming and color temperature control of individual lighting fixtures.

In response, Murata has developed a wireless lighting control system with a communications capability that incorporates wireless modules on each lighting fixture. This system enables color temperature control, dimming of individual lighting fixture and management of an entire network of multiple lighting fixtures using wireless communication. The system makes it simple to achieve fine-grained scene composition by dimming and color temperature control of individual lighting fixtures resulting in lighting plan design flexibility and the elimination of wires.


  • Enables individual control (dimming and color temperature control) of lighting fixtures
  • Wireless control eliminates the need for lighting control wiring
    Simply attach lighting fixtures to the lighting track rails
  • Reliable and robust mesh network that co-exists with Wi-Fi
  • Use of EnOcean®*2 switches eliminates the need for installing on/off switch wiring
  • Battery-less wireless switches*3 are maintenance-free and could be placed anywhere


Lighting control at a wide range of facilities

System configuration

  1. Lighting fixtures (Yamada Shomei Lighting)
  2. Wireless communication module (Murata)
  3. Lighting control gateway (Murata)
  4. Lighting control terminal (commercially available product; software by Yamada Shomei Lighting)
  5. EnOcean® flashing switch (commercially available product)


  • *1 ECOwine®: Environment control solution for wireless control of lighting and sensors on a wireless network.
  • *2 EnOcean®: Wireless communication system developed by EnOcean GmbH (Germany). It features energy-harvesting technology, which converts energy from sources such as light, heat, and vibration into electricity.
  • *3 Battery-less wireless switch: Switch that is able to convert the pressure used to push the switch into electricity and send signals wirelessly.

Murata in Brief

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