New Release of a Passive Starter Kit for IC of Dialog Semiconductor

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New Release of a Passive Starter Kit for IC of Dialog Semiconductor


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commences sales of a Passive Starter Kit which supports the reference design of Smart Bond ICs DA14682 and DA14683 for Dialog Semiconductor (hereafter called Dialog) this February. This kit uses a Dialog's chip to support Bluetooth 5 which is optimum for a Bluetooth® mesh, and provides all of the necessary passive component for carrying out design. Because all of the passive components are available at the same time, the designer is largely freed from the inconvenience of procuring components for making samples.


This kit is fabricated based on reference designs issued by Dialog, and confirmed by Dialog. It is intended to be used by designers of IoT applications such as accessories for smartphones, home automation, remote controllers, and various kinds of sensor devices. Also, various compact products are included to enable them to be used for compact applications such as wearable devices, as proposals from Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


From now on as well, we intend to develop the product lineups, as support tools for designers working in the IoT market which includes Bluetooth®.

Passive Starter Kit


Reference design: A technical blueprint of a system(s) for integrated circuits (ICs) and peripheral/related components, intended to enable IC-based functions.

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