Small Lithium ion secondary batteriesCT04120


Quick charge characteristics

  • High-rate charging (10C) is possible, and no charging IC is required.

Excellent discharge characteristics

  • Continuous discharge with a maximum discharge rate of 10C is possible. In addition, since the
    internal resistance is low and the voltage drop is small, stable discharge is possible even under
    a large peak load or low temperature.

Long cycle life

  • Charge (capacity) recovery rate keeps over 80% even after 5000 cycles. It can realize
    maintenance free design.

High safety

  • No thermal runaway occurs because of using chemically stable lithium titan.

Series Lineup

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Part Number Nominal
BACT04120P003V01 PDF 2.3V 2.7V 1.8V 3mAh 30mA (10C) -20°C ~ 70°C φ4mm×12mm

【External size】

Small Lithium ion batteries Test Summary

Benefits and Applications

1.Small power equipment

  • Quick charge with High rate charge (10C) is available
  • Constant voltage charge is available
  • Able to use many times due to long cycle life
  • High safety and small weight saving
Application examples
  • Stylus pen
  • Wearable equipment

2.Backup power supply

  • System backup even when the main battery is replaced or the battery is disconnected
  • High power discharge is available
  • Constant voltage charge is available
  • Charge control IC is unnecessary
Application examples
  • Handy terminal / barcode reader
  • POS (payment terminals, etc.)
  • Other battery powered equipment

3.Energy harvesting system

  • Chargeable/dischargeable in wide rate ranges
  • Long operating time due to low leakage current
  • High power output is available
  • Resistant to over discharge
  • Operation temperature is wide
Application examples
  • Solar battery charger equipment
  • Sensor node with wireless sensor network in combination with micro and macro energy harvesting systems

Cautions for Use

Before use, please read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Limited Use

    Contact us before using our products for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly or property.

    ①Aircraft equipment
    ②Aerospace equipment
    ③Undersea equipment
    ④Power plant control equipment
    ⑤Medical equipment
    ⑥Transportation equipment (vehicles, trains, ships, etc.)
    ⑦Traffic signal equipment
    ⑧Disaster prevention/ Crime prevention equipment
    ⑨Data-processing equipment
    ⑩Application of similar complexity and/or reliability requirements to the applications listed in the above

    Also please refrain from using our products for the following purpose.

    ①Military equipment

  2. Air transportation

    Although this product is applicable to UN38.3, it conforms to the Special Provision 188, therefore it can be shipped as an exemption from Class 9 dangerous goods.

    However, in air transportation, it is necessary to be transported as Class 9 dangerous goods in accordance with IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulation) and Packing Instruction 965-Section IB. In addition, when the number of package is not more than one as per single consignment, it can be shipped in accordance with Packing Instruction 965-Section Ⅱ.

    The above regulation is effective only for the packing condition at the time of shipment from the Murata factory. If any problem happens under the packing condition other than Murata specification, Murata would not have any responsibility for the compensation. For the details of transportation regulation, please refer to the latest edition of IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulation), IMO IMDG Code.

  3. Return of damaged or defective products

    Air transport of damaged / defective lithium-ion batteries is prohibited under the IATA DGR (Air Dangerous Goods Regulations). If you are considering returning it, please contact us in advance.

Technical & Reference documents(Environment / Transportation)