Silicon CapacitorsUBEC / BBEC / ULEC Series

Ultra broadband wire-bondable embedded capacitor up to 60GHz+

UBEC / BBEC / ULEC Capacitors target optical communication systems (ROSA / TOSA, SONET and all optoelectronics) as well as high speed data systems or products. The UBEC / BBEC / ULEC are designed for DC decoupling and bypass applications. The unique technology of integrated passive devices in silicon developed by Murata*, offers high rejection up to more than 60GHz for the UBEC, up to 40GHz for the BBEC and up to 20GHz for the ULEC. These deep trench silicon capacitors have been developed with a semiconductor MOS process.

The UBEC / BBEC / ULEC capacitors provide very high reliability and capacitance stability over temperature (+60ppm/K) and voltage. They have and extended operating temperature range from -55 to 150℃. Reliable and repeatable performances are obtained thanks to a fully controlled production line with high temperature curing (above 900℃) generating a highly pure oxide. These capacitors are compatible with standard wire bonding assembly (ball and wedge). They are RoHS compliant and are available with thick Aluminum terminations.

*Murata Integrated Passive Solutions

Key features

  • Ultra broadband performance up to 67GHz
  • Resonance free allowing ultra group delay variation
  • Ultra low insertion loss thanks to an excellent
  • impedance matching in transmission mode
  • Low ESL and low ESR in bypass grounding mode
  • High stability of capacitance value over temperature, voltage and aging
  • High reliability
  • Compatible with standard wire bonding assembly (ball and wedge) and embedding.

(please refer to our assembly note for more details)

Key applications

  • Optoelectronics/high-speed data
  • Trans-Impedance Amplifiers (TIA)
  • Receive-and-Transmit Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA/TOSA)
  • Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET)
  • High speed digital logic
  • Broadband test equipment
  • Broadband microwave/millimeter wave
  • Replacement of X7R and NP0 capacitors
  • Low profile applications (100μm)

UBEC / BBEC / ULEC series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 1nF to 100nF (*)
Capacitance tolerances ±15% (*)
Mounting Method Wire-bonding/ Embedded horizontal (*4)
Operating temperature range -55°C to 150°C
Storage temperature -70°C to 165°C (*2)
Temperature coefficient +60 pmm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 11VDC or 30VDC
Capacitance variation versus RVDC 0.1%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Insertion loss (IL) up to 60GHz <0.4dB (*3)
Return Loss (RL) up to 60GHz >20dB (*3)
Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) Typ.500pH (*3) @ SRF
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Typ.100mΩ (*3)
Insulation resistance 100GΩ @ RVDC, @25°C, t>120s, for 100nF
Aging Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Reliability FIT<0.017parts / billions hours
Capacitor height Max100µm
  • (*) Other values on request
  • (*2)w/o packing
  • (*3)e.g. UBEC 10 nF/0201M/BV 11 V
  • (*4)Please check the assembly note for the mounting methods of each product.

UBEC Series

BBEC Series

ULEC Series

Assembly Note

Please check the assembly note for the mounting methods of each product.

Assembly Note UBEC / BBEC / ULEC V1.3_Murata (PDF: 0.7 MB)


PDF Catalog

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Commercial leaflet UBEC / BBEC / ULEC V1.4_Murata (PDF: 1.2 MB)