Variable Capacitors

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Variable Capacitors

What is a variable capacitor (VAC)?

VACs are passive components with capacitance values that can be varied according to the control voltage. They can be considered for applications such as frequency adjustment.

Murata offers products suited to the HF band (13.56 MHz) used for near field communication (NFC)

Characteristics :
  1. Compact, slim package
  2. Capacitance variable range of 50%
  3. The capacitance can be finely adjusted by applying voltage.

  Basic   Merits of using VAC for NFC
・The variable capacitor absorbs the antenna L value variance for easier f0 adjustment!
・Easier debugging during certification tests.
・Easier variance adjustment when building into cases.
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Regarding Change the Capacitance

To change the capacitance, apply for DC voltage to V_tune terminal.
It does not change even if AC voltage is applied.

Sample requests and inquiries

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