Type 1SV

Type 1SV is a SMD (surface mount device) type 60 GHz band millimeter wave (mmWave) RF module. This module is suitable for Terragraph products.



60GHz band mmWave RF module suitable for outdoor applications such as Terragraph*

  • 64 (8×8) array antennas
  • Better antenna performance achieved by independently developed LTCC
  • Better thermal dissipation by the use of heatsink placed over RFIC
  • Suitable RF performances for the application can be achieved by changing quantity and layout of the Type 1SV module
  • SMD type module
  • *Terragraph is a technology that operates on 60GHz unlicensed band delivering fiber-like speeds. It solves last mile connectivity challenges around the globe with a IEEE 802.11ay based wireless multi-gigabit technology.

Product Information

Product Status In MP
Frequencies 57 to 65GHz
Standard IEEE 802.11ay
Chipset Qualcomm QCA6422
Size 24.8mm × 17.8mm × 2.03mm (max)
Operating Temperature -30 to +80°C
Boresight EIRP (CW) 38dBm


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