Connectivity ModulesMurata Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® IoT Solution on NXP platform


Mix-and-Match Murata Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® IoT modules with NXP i.MX processors for optimized connected platforms for faster time-to-market.

Murata Connectivity Modules


Majority of the modules are reference-certified. It is possible to re-use Murata FCC IC/CE/Japan certifications.

Embedded Artists M.2 Module Family


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i.MX Linux and FreeRTOS Solutions

uSD-M.2 Adapter Kit Solution for NXP i.MX6 Family

  • 6ULZ is low-cost version of 6ULL (*no ethernet)
  • 6ULL EVK is used for 6ULZ evaluation
  • *6SL is WLAN only
  • Type 1LV is 1.8V VIO only; thus only i.MX 6UL/ULL supports 1.8V VIO interface

uSD-M.2 Adapter Kit Solution for NXP i.MX RT Family

  • RT EVK supported include i.MX RT 1020, 1050, 1060 and 1064

Embedded Artists i.MX Platform Development Kits

Embedded Artists iMX RT/6/7/8 Developer’s Kits supports M.2 modules directly and have advanced debug features. You get started immediately with the M.2 modules by using our Developer’s Kits and our Getting Started guides!

  • M.2 Primer Package - M.2 standard, reference schematics, and integration guide
  • Linux kernel with appropriate drivers
  • WICED driver in i.MX RT SDK

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Overview of Evaluation Boards & Kits


Murata has done a “reset” on current Wi-Fi/BT IOT solutions for i.MX (Linux and FreeRTOS). By strategically partnering with Embedded Artists, Murata is now able to provide a better overall solution on various fronts.

Introduction of NXP & Embedded Artists Platform

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Murata Wireless Connectivity Modules

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