About Ferrite Cores

This page describes the characteristics of ferrite as an add-on component and the respective uses of ferrite cores and microwave absorbers.

Add-on components

Mounted components BLM, DLW, NFM etc.  BLM、DLW、NFMなど
Because they are mounted on the circuit board, they must be considered at design time.
Add-on components Ferrite, microwave absorbers, etc.
As add-on components, they are convenient and easy to incorporate immediately when a problem arises, and do not require a change to the circuit board layout.

Noise reduction effect

Effective for noise suppression
Microwave absorber, ferrite
No effect for noise suppression Gasket, copper foil tape  

Noise frequencies

Ferrite and microwave absorbers are used for different noise frequencies.

Design process

Mounted components

Mounted components are used in the first half of the design process.

1. Initial stage
2. If a problem arises in the middle of the design process, components are added or changed.

Add-on components (ferrite)

Add-on components are used in the second half of the design process.

3. Pre-certification, if the noise is severe
4. If the certification evaluation fails