MHM502 Series

The unique structure employs an LTCC* board as a particle generator, which integrates the discharge and dielectric electrodes. This ensures stable ozone generation. The electrodes integrated in the LTCC substrate are protected against discharges, ensuring a long service life.
Most suitable for combination with the generator, the newly developed high-voltage drive power supply allows electric power to be supplied precisely as needed for discharges, ensuring efficient ozone generation. 
Over current protection circuit is designed in driving circuit.
MHM502 series can work continuously and generate 50mg/H ozone.

* LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics):
Unlike conventional electronic ceramics that is fired at high temperatures above 1,500°C, LTCC is fired at low temperatures below 1,000°C. This makes it possible to use internal wiring made of silver and copper, conductors with low electrical resistance.

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