Noise suppression of fuel pump motor for cars

Frequent Issues

Trouble occurred when the lead wires of a capacitor for noise suppression were bent.

The cases of mounting of capacitors in a minimum space, or directly mounting capacitors to a mechanical component, have been increasing in the mounting of leaded products. For this reason, there are many cases where the lead wires have to be bent according to the mounting method.

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Various problems occur during the bending of lead wires, such as cracks in the resin, disconnection of the lead wires from the internal element, etc.
Company F also had trouble when bending the lead wires internally.

- Example Case: Company F -
Problems occur when the lead wires are bent internally.

In Company F, leaded products were mounted on a board as a measure for noise suppression of fuel pump motors for cars, and then they bent the capacitor over. However, they were having difficulty because numerous issues occurred, such as cracking of the resin and short circuits caused by stress when the element was bent over.
Company F examined and tried processing the lead wires by pre-bending them before mounting; however, the problem was not solved.
Moreover, since pre-bending before mounting took more time and effort than bending the element after mounting, it was clearly too time consuming and expensive.

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Company F, which was completely perplexed by the issues caused by bending the lead wires, approached Murata; they had heard that Murata provides a variety of leaded products and support on their use. Discussions were held in order to realize a method to reduce man-hours as much as possible, without generating issues caused by the bending process.
As a result, they were able to realize a method that satisfied the requirements of Company F, and they are now mounting capacitors without any trouble.

Points of Issue

  • POINT1
    To mount a capacitor where the lead wires are already bent
  • POINT2
    Problems (cracking of resin, disconnection of lead wires, etc.) occur around the element caused by stress during the bending process
The Solution

To examples of preventing trouble successfully during the lead wire bending process