Capacitors that can be mounted by welding and endure high temperatures of 150°C.
For noise suppression of car applications!

Did you know? Leaded products are chosen for this reason.

Reason 1Can be used in a 150°C environment.

The capacitor can be mounted by welding or soldering, and used in a high-temperature environment.
Murata offers products that can be used in conditions over 150°C if only for a short time.

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Reason 2Quick provision of data regarding surge and ESD of car components

ISO7637-2,Surge Test: Pulse 3a

For noise suppression in a high-temperature environment and minimum space
Select a leaded product

For example, leaded products are selected in the designs of cars where electronization is advancing.
In recent years, space-saving circuits, downsizing of components, and the ability to endure high temperatures is being demanded for cars, along with the increase of the electronic circuits being installed.

The following page provides examples of accomplishing noise suppression with lead type ceramic capacitors in 150°C environments of brush motors for cars.

To examples of successful noise suppression by a lead type capacitor in a 150°C environment