Lead type custom-made products make mounting easier.

Did you know? Leaded products are chosen for this reason.

Reason 1Prevents problems from occurring during mounting

  • - Murata provides processing of lead wires to shapes that make it easier for mounting. Since customers will be mounting already processed products, there will be no problems caused by internal processes.
  • - Murata processes lead wires by a thoroughly controlled bending process, and only products that pass inspection are supplied to customers.
Examples of Customized Processes
Murata,Pseudo-axial ProductMurata,One Lead Bent ConditionMurata,Both Leads Bent Condition

For smoother mounting
Select custom-made lead wires

The cases of mounting of capacitors in a minimum space, or directly mounting capacitors to a mechanical component, have been increasing along with the progression of the downsizing of equipment. For this reason, the processing technology of the lead wires according to the mounting method is becoming increasingly more important.
If already bent leaded products are used, components can be mounted easily, preventing problems that tend to occur during the internal bending process of lead wires.

The following page provides examples of achieving a complicated mounting method without any trouble caused by the bending process.

To examples of preventing trouble successfully during the lead wire bending process