To replace a film capacitor with a ceramic capacitor to downsize a switching power supply

Did you know? Leaded products are chosen for this reason.

Reason 1For a power supply! Accomplish downsizing by replacing a film capacitor

Murata offers an abundance of high capacitance capacitors required for designing power supplies.
The height of the element of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors is 1/2 and 1/10 or less the volume of a film capacitor. Since a smaller sized capacitor can be used, space between the adjacent components can be secured.
Accordingly, there is a margin in the thermal design, which contributes to improvements in the reliability of power supply circuits.
In addition, if the size of the board and case can be reduced by utilizing the open space, the overall cost of the equipment can also be reduced.

Space-saving, Lead Type Film Capacitors, Lead Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Reason 2Less noise and cracking with lead type ceramic capacitors

Leaded products prevent cracks caused by deflection and reduce noise problems.

reduce vibration of the ceramic,Lead wires,minimize vibration of the boardlead wires,absorb the stress caused,deflection,ceramic

Reason 3Stack capacitors to increase capacitance!

Stack capacitors,Murata

Reason 4Products for flow soldering

Flow soldering is commonly used to mount capacitors on power supply boards, and flow soldering can also be applied for lead type capacitors.

Lead type ceramic capacitors for downsizing power supplies.

For example, leaded products are chosen in the design of switching power supplies for office equipment.
Recently, the space-saving of circuits and downsizing of components have been demanded along with the downsizing of equipment.

The following page introduces examples of accomplishing the downsizing of power supplies by replacing a large film capacitor with a ceramic capacitor.

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