Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products

In you have any challenges with leaded products, please contact Murata.

We will continue to meet the expectations of customers, taking advantage of our high quality, supply chain capability, and design expertise.

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Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products (1)

High Quality

Murata responds to the expectations of customers with our high quality.
We have a long track record of our products being used in the automotive electronics market, and have gained the confidence of customers.

Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products (2)

Product Lineup

If you are looking for leaded products, please check out Murata's product lineup.
We offer an abundance of variations, from a wide range of rated voltage products, various lead shapes and types of packaging, high-temperature guaranteed products, to large capacity products, etc.
Not only is the existing product lineup available, but Murata also accepts inquiries regarding customized products according to the customer's mounting and usage methods.

Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products (3)

Stable Supply

Murata steadily manufactures and supplies leaded products.
Murata is the world's largest manufacturer of multilayer ceramic capacitors, and has achieved a stable supply of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors utilizing our supply capability as the background. And utilizing our expertise acquired from many years of experience meeting the expectations of customers dealing with noise issues, we can provide a stable supply of excellent EMI suppression filters with lead wires.
The lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors and the lead type EMI suppression filters are under mass production at Iwami Murata Manufacturing, located in Oda city, Shimane prefecture. We will continue to manufacture and supply our products with our best effort.

Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products (4)

Reliable & Speedy Support

Murata provides speedy support, in order to solve challenges regarding lead wire processing.
Please contact Murata with problems with leaded products from other companies as well.
Murata will propose the best solution.

Advantages of Murata's Leaded Products (5)

New Product Development

The product development department is located in Iwami Murata Manufacturing, a mass production plant, so that the mass production and supply of new products can start immediately. Try the new products developed by Murata.
We would also like to hear requests from customers such as "we want a product to be developed that will . . ."
We respond to the expectations of customers.

Here are some examples of the actual inquiries we are receiving.

For a circuit where we are investigating RHE●● specifications, we are having difficulty selecting the most appropriate capacitor because there is a possibility that the temperature may temporarily exceed 150℃. For temperatures of 150℃ and above, please provide product information on the usage track record and conditions under which operation is guaranteed.
In the application product, the total time the temperature will exceed 150℃ is ●● hours, up to a maximum of ●● hours. The voltage applied to the capacitor is ●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
Please provide ISO 7637-2 test data for the RHE●●.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
We would like to increase the lead spacing of the RCE●● from 5 mm to 10 mm. Can you accommodate us?
-Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For products with a lead spacing of 7.5 mm (RCE●●), it is necessary to spread the lead wires before use. We were wondering what it would be like to have products with the lead wires initially somewhat spread. We would like to try such products immediately.
Please tell us the dimensions and specifications of products with an established production track record.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)
For welding to the bus bar, we are investigating dielectric heating due to the large heat capacity. Will this harm the capacitors?
Please tell us if caution is required.
- Manufacturer of automotive devices (Designing Department)