Contributing to space saving and design simplicity of the PCI express card MonoBK

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PCI express is used in an application, such as Accelerator or Video Capture Cards, which processes image signals.

In this section, a description is given of the “MonoBK or Mono Block” DC-DC converter.

Accelerator Block diagram

Murata Icon X What is PCI express?

The PCI express standard board is used in an application, such as Accelerator or Graphic cards (Video Capture Cards), which processes image signals.

PCI Express is a kind of I/O serial interface or extension bus.
In order to resolve the issue of insufficient transfer speed of the I/O interface, complete compatibility between PCI buses at the software level was assumed, and PCI-SIG was used to formulate specifications in 2002.

The board size and electric power have been standardized.

■Maximum power supplied from the slot

Power Dissipation
Slot X1 x4/x8 x16
Standard Height 10Wmax 25Wmax 25Wmax 25Wmax 75Wmax
Low profile card 10Wmax 25Wmax 25Wmax

■Data link layer transfer band(depending upon whether bidirectional/ unidirectional) for each link width

Link width x1 x2 x4 x8 x16
Gen1 0.5/0.25 1.0/0.5 2.0/1.0 4.0/2.0 8.0/4.0
Gen2 1.0/0.5 2.0/1.0 4.0/2.0 8.0/4.0 16.0/8.0
Gen3 1.969/0.9846 3.938/1.969 7.877/3.938 15.75/7.877 31.51/15.75
Gen4 3.938/1.969 7.877/3.938 15.75/7.877 31.51/15.75 63.02/31.51
Gen4 7.877/3.938 15.75/7.877 31.51/15.75 63.02/31.51 126.0/63.02

Murata Icon X Trend for PCI express

The transfer speed is increased for each generation.
In order to carry out high-speed processing, a high-function FPGA will be used.

The use of a high-function FPGA results in a reduction of the core voltage, an increase in the current, and an increase in the number of memories. However, when PCI express is used, the board size and quantity of electric power supplied are non-standard, resulting in issues such as inadequate space, troublesome wiring and troublesome heat treatment.

Murata Icon X Reasons why you should choose Murata's MonoBK™ DC-DC converter

Contribution to space-saving in the power supply
  • The total solution size is small.
  • The product is a low-profile type that permits space saving and rear-face mounting.
Simple design
  • A noise filter can be reduced or is unnecessary
  • Supports high-temperature operation.

Main features of MonoBK

The product can be reduced in size by means of 3D construction design and molding technology.
High-speed response
The number of add-on components and the solution size have been reduced due to high-grade circuit technology.
Low noise
Low noise has been realized by 3D construction design and by using simulation technology


High-speed response

Low noise

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