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  • Production Start Date : 11/1/1990

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | CFUKG455KH1X-R0
Dimensions | CFUKG455KH1X-R0

Murata Icon X Specifications

Operating Temperature Range-20℃ to 80℃
Center Frequency455.0kHz
Center Frequency Tolerance±1kHz
Nominal Center ValueNo
6dB Bandwidthfn±3.0kHzmin.
Stop Bandwidth10.0kHz
Area of Stop Bandwidth[within 40dB]
Stop Band Attenuation25dB[within fn±100kHz]
Insertion Loss7.0dB[at minimum loss point]
Ripple1.0dB[within fn±2kHz]
GDT Deviation25.0μs[within fn±2kHz]
Input/Output Impedance1500Ω

Murata Icon X Features

The CFUKG_X series is comprised of small, highperformance, thin (4.0mm) filters consisting of 4 ceramic elements. The filters exhibit an extremely flat GDT characteristic combined with a narrow bandwidth. The filters are recommended for narrow band digital communication applications.

1. The filters are mountable by automatic placers.
2. The filters can be refl ow soldered and withstand washing.
3. They are slim, at only 4.0mm maximum thickness, and have a small mounting area (7.5x6.0mm) enabling flexible PCB design.
4. The bandwidth ranges from E to H.
5. Operating temperature range: -20 to +80 (degrees C),  Storage temperature range: -40 to +85 (degrees C)

Murata Icon X Applications

Other Usage

Communication Equipment

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

Packaging Specifications Minimum Order Quantity


180mm Embossed Tape


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Scheduled for discontinuance within several years, and not recommended for use in new product designs.