1. CapacitorsSingle Layer Microchip Capacitors

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | CLB0AW1560Z1000TC1
Dimensions | CLB0AW1560Z1000TC1

Murata Icon X Specifications

Operating Temperature Range-55℃ to 125℃
L x W (size)L 0.25 X W 0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance(max)
Rated Voltage100Vdc
Capacitance (25℃)56pF
Capacitance Tolerance+80/-20%
Temperature Characteristics (-25 to 85℃)+30/-90%
Withstanding Voltage250Vdc

Murata Icon X Features

1. Fine grained high-density ceramic dielectric, pure
    gold electrode and simple single layer structure
    provide very reliable performance and excellent
    frequency characteristics.
2. A wide selection of sizes from very miniature
    0.25mm square is suited to high-density mounting.
3. For compatibility with the gold electrodes, die
    bonding with Au-Sn is possible and wire bonding
    with gold wire is possible.
4. To improve handling of bonding, Au-Sn coating is
    available on one side or both sides.
5. Custom made type (dimensions, cap. values, etc.)
    are also available upon request.

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2. Microwave Devices
3. Optical Devices
4. Measuring Equipments

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

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