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Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | NCG18WF104F0SRB
Dimensions | NCG18WF104F0SRB

Murata Icon X Specifications

Resistance (25℃)100kΩ
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25℃)±1%
B-Constant (25/50℃)4200K
B-Constant (25/50℃) Tolerance±1%
B-Constant(25/80℃)(Reference Value)4255K
B-Constant(25/85℃)(Reference Value)4260K
B-Constant(25/100℃)(Reference Value)4282K
Permissive Operating Current (25℃)0.1mA
Rated Electric Power (25℃)100.0mW
Typical Dissipation Constant (25℃)1mW/℃
Operating Temperature Range-55℃ to 150℃
Size Code (in mm)1.6x0.8mm
Size Code (in inch)0.6x0.3inch

Murata Icon X Features

1. Excellent solderability and high stability in environment
2. Excellent long time aging stability
3. High accuracy in resistance and B-constant
4. Glue mounting possible

Murata Icon X Applications

Automotive Usage


Limited Usage

Automotive Grade

Other Usage

1. Various engine control units
2. ABS control unit
3. High power devices (IGBT)
4. Various circuits required low temperature mounting below solder melting point.
5. Temperature compensation for various circuits required high temperature.

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

Packaging Specifications Minimum Order Quantity


180mm Paper Tape