1. ThermistorsPTC Thermistors (POSISTOR®)PTC for Overcurrent Protection

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

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Murata Icon X Specifications

Max. Voltage20V
Hold Current15mA
Measure Condition of Hold Current(at +105℃)
Hold Current (2)25mA
Measure Condition of Hold Current (2)(at +85℃)
Hold Current (3)54mA
Measure Condition of Hold Current (3)(at +25℃)
Trip Current102mA
Measure Condition of Trip Current(at +25℃)
Trip Current(2)130mA
Measure Condition of Trip Current(2)(at -40℃)
Max. Current590A
Resistance (25℃)42Ω
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25℃)±20%
Operating Temperature Range-40℃ to 105℃
Size Code (in mm)2.0x1.25mm
Size Code (in inch)0.8x0.5inch

Murata Icon X Features

1.Rapid operation to protect the circuit in an overcurrent condition abnormality such as a short circuit.
   By removing the overcurrent condition, these products automatically return to the initial condition and can be used repeatedly.
2.Suitable for countermeasure to short circuit test in safety standard
3.Stable resistance after operation due to ceramic PTC
4.Similar size (0603 size) is possible due to the large capacity for electric power.
5.Possible to use these products as current limiting resistors with overcurrent protection functions
6.SMD type is helpful for miniaturizing circuits because of its small size and light weight
7.Lead is not contained in the terminations

Murata Icon X Applications

Limited Usage

Automotive Grade

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

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180mm Embossed Tape