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  • Discontinued Date : 1/31/2017

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | PVM4A205D01B00
Dimensions | PVM4A205D01B00

Murata Icon X Specifications

Power Rating0.25W
Maximum Working Voltage200Vdc
Adjustment DirectionTop
Auto AdjustmentYes
Number of Turns (Effective Rotation Angle)1(240°±10°)
Mechanical Rotation AngleEndless
Total Resistance Value2MΩ
Total Resistance Value Tolerance±20%
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance±150ppm/℃
Resistance TaperB (Linear)
Contact Resistance Variation3% max. of nominal total resistance value
Residual Resistance1% max. of nominal total resistance value
Soldering MethodReflow
Soldering Iron
Torque1.0 to 14.7mN・m
Measure Condition of RatedPower70℃
Operating Temperature Range-55℃ to 125℃

Murata Icon X Features

1. Sealed construction protects the interior from
   dust and liquid, which achieves stable performance.
2. Available for flow and reflow soldering methods
    while maintaining unique sealed construction.
3. Simple construction of 3-piece parts achieves
   high reliability.
4. Large diameter slot of rotor improves driver insertion.
5. Available for cleaning after soldering.

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

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