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  • Production Start Date : 12/1/1995

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | SFECV10M7JA00-R0
Dimensions | SFECV10M7JA00-R0

Murata Icon X Specifications

Operating Temperature Range-20℃ to 80℃
Center Frequency10.700MHz
Center Frequency Tolerance±30kHz
Nominal Center ValueNo
3dB Bandwidth150kHz±40kHz
Stop Bandwidth380kHz
Area of Stop Bandwidth[within 20dB]
Spurious Attenuation35dB[within 9MHz to fo]
Insertion Loss5.5dB±2.0dB(at minimum loss point)
Ripple1.0dBmax.(at minimum loss point)
Input/Output Impedance330Ω

Murata Icon X Features

SFECV10M7 series for FM receivers are monolithic type ceramic filters that utilize the thickness expander mode of piezoelectric ceramics. SFECV series enable customers to make an AM/FM set very thin, and it can be useful to the total chip circuit.

1. The piezoelectric element is sandwiched by heat resistant substrate, thus it has excellent mechanical strength, and it is suitable for automatic mounting.
2. Various bandwidths are available. Select a suitable type in accordance with the desired selectivity.
3. Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +80 (degrees C), Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +85 (degrees C)

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180mm Embossed Tape