High Voltage ResistorsHigh Voltage Resistor for Medical Devices

Murata's High Voltage Resistor is used by consumers widely in medical equipment. Especially, for medical equipment such as X-Ray, High voltage potential treatment, etc which need high voltage power supply.

Usage in Medical Applications

  • High voltage Resistors are used for Medical Equipment such as X-Ray and High voltage potential treatment, PET, CT scan ( X-Ray ), Roentgen X-Ray ( Examination for baggage, Dentist, etc ) and so on.
  • In addition to the High Voltage Resistors being used the above applications for high voltage power supply.

High voltage resistors are also used in applications, such as the printer, the copy machine and air conditioner in office application and household application.

医療機器向け 高圧抵抗器

Strength for Murata high voltage resistor

1.Tight (Narrow) Tolerance

  • Realizing Tight (Narrow) tolerance by Murata original thick film technology and resistor trimming technology.
  • It's most suitable for high accuracy in the detection of voltage and current.
High Voltage Resistor for Medical Devices

2.Unique Products

  • Generally, it's used as a solid resistor for detection of voltage & current. We have a line up of murata high voltage resistors that combines low resistance and high resistance in one package.
High Voltage Resistor for Medical Devices

3.Share No.1

  • Our high voltage resistor has a high share in world due to their being used in everything from consumer to medical devices. Estimation : 75% in worldwide. (this data is estimated by Murata, the data can vary depending on the condition of the market and applications )

Murata High Voltage Resistor : MHR series

High Voltage Resistor for Medical Devices
  • * If you have any inquire for 2 element type, please ask our sales.