Selection Guide

Selection Guide of Gyro Sensors

Murata Icon X Gyro Sensors

Series No. of axis Range (g) Supply Voltage
Output Type Offset
Sensitivity Band Width Size Datasheet
SCC1300-D02 3 ±2g 3.0-3.6V SPI ±18mg 1800Count/g 43Hz 8.5×18.7×4.5 Data
(PDF: 1.2MB)
1 X 100°/s 3.3V /5V ±0.6dps 50Count/dps 50Hz
SCC1300-D04 3 ±6g 3.0-3.6V SPI ±40mg 650Count/g 43Hz 8.5×18.7×4.5 Data
(PDF: 1.2MB)
1 X 300°/s 3.3V/5V ±0.9dps 18Count/dps 50Hz
SCR1100-D02 1X 100°/s 3.3V/5V SPI ±0.6dps 50Count/dps 50Hz 8.5×18.7×4.5 Data
(PDF: 690KB)
SCR1100-D04 1 X 300°/s 3.3V/5V SPI ±0.9dps 18Count/dps 50Hz 8.5×18.7×4.5 Data
(PDF: 690KB)