Piezoelectric Sounders / BuzzersPKM17EPPH4001-B0


Product number PKM17EPPH4001-B0
Features Size: φ17.0×8.2 mm
Frequency: 4.0kHz
Sound Pressure Level: 79dB (typ.)
Product details

Single tone video

Listen to the signal tone from the evaluation kit running the PKM17EPPH4001-B0 at a frequency of 4.0 kHz in the video.

Audio comparison (comparative listening)

Click the "▶" symbol to play back the actual signal tone for five seconds according to each input signal (frequency).
[Sound pressure measurement conditions: ±1.5 Vo-p, square wave, 10 cm]

1kHz (67dB)
2kHz (58dB)
4kHz (79dB)
  • *Volume adjustment recommended before playing.
  • *The tones may differ slightly from the actual sounds depending on devices to play.