ADAS & Inertial Navigation

Autonomous cars will be judged much more strictly than human drivers. Today cars are already operating independently, whether it be through cruise control mode or even parking assist - cars need to be able to perform in less than perfect conditions for significant periods of time. For now and the future vehicle position must be immediately available to ensure the safety of the driver.

Inertial navigation could unlock the key to ensuring the vehicle position is understood even during satellite down time or complex road conditions


Watch a recap of our latest webinar from our sensor technology experts. Learn how strategically placed accelerometers can assist autonomous vehicle to reach full automation.

Download the slides PDF 11mb

Webinar contents

  • The history of ADAS
  • ADAS technology overview
  • Differences in ADAS applications
  • Sensors placement for correct operation
  • Why inertial navigation is important


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Murata IMU to help you speed your design-in

  • Murata IMU available for immediate development activities
  • 6 DOF PCB/Module with sensors & MCU
  • 2xSCR2100 + 1x SCC2230
  • Gyro Bias Stability 1 °/hr
  • Accel Bias Stability 10 ug
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ADAS Whitepaper

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ADAS infographic

Download this infographic and learn how sensors can contribute to safe autonomous vehicles

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