Murata Medium-voltage Capacitors Selection Tool by Voltage Form

This is a software download service of the Murata Medium-voltage Capacitor Selection Tool by Voltage Form.
This software calculates power consumption from a voltage waveform applied to a capacitor and judges whether the capacitor is suitable for your application.
Version  1.10.0 
Update  March 9, 2011 
What's new 
  • Increase Support products (Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Medium-voltage Low Dissipation Factor/U2J Char./DC250V-3.15kV & for Automotive) 
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* The users of the previous version are strongly recommended to update to this latest version.
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Start: Specify capacitor type and enter voltage waveform data.

  • Easy operation using Windows standard interface.
  • Voltage waveform can be input from text file, image file and mouse input.
  • Every result and factor of selected capacitor is shown in the list.
  • Evaluation results can be printed.
  • Detailed product information can be accessed on the internet by clicking mouse right button.

Result: Evaluation results are displayed on the main screen.

Murata Medium-voltage Capacitors Selection Tool by Voltage Form