Other components

Net sales: 322.3 billion yen
YoY Up: 45.0%

Main products

Inductors (coils), EMI suppression filters, Connectors, Sensors, Thermistors, Lithium-ion batteries, etc.

Inductors (coils)
Lithium-ion batteries, Li-ion energy storage system, Micro batteries

Operating results

For fiscal 2017, this segment achieved substantial sales growth due to growth in demand for coils, EMI suppression filters, and MEMS sensors for automotive electronics. The lithium-ion battery business also contributed to success, with the acquisition process from Sony Corporation being completed in September 2017. As a result, overall net sales were 322.3 billion yen (up 45.0% yearon-year).

Net sales (Billion yen)

Inductors (coils)

Chip inductors are passive components that are a part of electronic circuits, alongside capacitors and resistors. Typical products include power inductors used for power supply circuits and RF inductors used for high frequency circuits.
Power inductors are deeply related to power conversion efficiency that is important in the performance of DC-DC converters, and performance required for products is different depending on circuit systems in DC-DC converters and operating conditions. Therefore, Murata applied a multilayer process and ferrite winding process to commercialize power inductors suitable for target applications and use conditions and has delivered these to the markets.
Through business integration with TOKO, Inc. in 2016, Murata introduced the Metal Alloy winding process and realized smaller and higher performance products. Also, Murata differentiates itself from other companies through advantages including well-balanced performance compatible with large currents that is a feature of Metal Alloy technology, and excellent performance stability during operation. As for RF inductors, we have obtained a large market share by delivering various kinds of products which enable downsizing, as smartphones have replaced conventional mobile phones. Recently, the number of electronic parts used for vehicles has been increasing further due to the shift to EV, ADAS, and automated driving. In response, Murata will expand the lineup of compact inductors with high performance and high reliability and meet market needs.

Lithium-ion batteries

Murata’s lithium-ion batteries are classified into laminated or cylindrical type batteries. Laminated type batteries are mainly employed for mobile devices as sizes can be freely changed owing to the laminate film exterior material. Murata uses leakage-free gel electrolytes with high safety characteristics, which do not easily swell compared to liquid electrolytes used by other companies. Murata’s cylindrical type batteries have advantages
particularly in high output applications widely used for gardening tools, power tools, electric bicycles, cleaners, and other fields.
Murata intends to grow by appealing to customers with higher safety for the laminated type and by continuing differentiation with higher output for the cylindrical type in gardening tool and other markets where electrification is accelerating. In addition, by integrating battery modules with cylindrical cells, and the
efficient power converter technology and sensor network technology owned by Murata, we will provide an energy management system centered on the housing and industrial markets.
Murata will carry out these initiatives by integrating Murata’s production technology and processes and Sony’s knowledge on batteries and battery materials.