Piezoelectric components

Net sales: 152.0 billion yen
YoY Down: 10.6%

Main products

SAW filters, Ultrasonic sensors, Resonators, Trimmer capacitors, Piezoelectric sensors, Ceramic filters, etc.

SAW filters
Ultrasonic sensors

Operating results

For fiscal 2017, substantial reductions in the production and prices of Chinese smartphones caused a sharp sales decline for SAW filters. As a result, overall net sales were 152.0 billion yen (down 10.6% yearon-year).

Net sales (Billion yen)

SAW filters

Murata’s SAW devices are actively working inside smartphones and other devices by using the state-of-the-art technologies to reduce noise during communication and create an environment where users can enjoy SNS and other services without stress.
Applying the surface acoustic wave (SAW) discovered by an English seismologist, Murata has continued to offer the very best products from the early 1980s by making use of original materials, the latest production facilities, the most advanced R&D structures, and distribution channels seamlessly supporting the entire world. Currently, Murata holds the majority of the market share of SAW devices for smartphones.
With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 5G service with transmission speeds 100 times faster than current technologies will be fully commercialized. With this trend, increasingly smaller and higher frequency SAW devices with superior composite performance will be a requirement. Murata has been leading
the world in responding to these market needs by making use of the most advanced circuit simulation technology and multilayer technology. We will enhance our presence as a pioneer of SAW devices in the future by improving the lineup of I.H.P. SAW devices in addition to existing SAW devices.

Ultrasonic sensors

For half a century, Murata’s ultrasonic sensors have supported external environment recognition with ultrasonic sensors using its device technology. Murata has accumulated original technologies such as piezoelectric ceramics and sound designs of sensors for various applications, including consumer and industrial uses. Using Murata’s unique knowledge as stated above, Murata will continue to respond to advanced market needs through technology development and proposals for new devices.
Regarding automotive uses, demand for ultrasonic sensors is rapidly increasing as sensors indispensable to the evolution of vehicles in areas including automatic parking and starter inhibitors, have advanced from proximity warning applications for parking support. We intend to develop new products which cover both short and long distances with one sensor and contribute to the development of safe and comfortable cars.
In the IoT sector that includes products such as smartphones, AI speakers and HEMS/BEMS, which are expected to grow, ultrasonic sensors are one of the important options as sensors that detect user movement while securing privacy. Murata is carrying out new development for realizing much smaller products and enhancing resolution, including SMD ultrasonic sensors which we were the first in the world to commercialize.