Murata to release the new Femtet® Academic Pack



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Tsuneo Murata


Murata Software Co., Ltd., has greatly reduced the price of its Femtet® Academic Pack analysis simulation software to be released on January 25. The price of the Academic Pack has been reviewed, and now, at 19,800 yen per year, users have access to all functions with the exception of CAD conversion. The Academic Pack is targeted at universities, technical colleges, and high schools.


Since 2008, Murata Software has been selling analysis simulation software that can be easily used by engineers.
The Academic Pack was originally provided to universities, technical colleges, and high schools, but in response to requests to make CAE analysis more widely available even for research and lecture purposes, the pricing has been revised to enable anyone to easily use this software.
In addition to revising the pricing of the Japanese language version, an English language version of the Academic Pack has also been created.

For more details about the Academic Pack, see the following website:

About Femtet®


Femtet® is an analysis simulation software that has been continually improved for 35 years by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
It is becoming an effective research and learning tool at engineering and scientific research locations and educational facilities. It reduces the reworking of design and development, and it helps lower development costs. This software features high functionality and simple operability, and it can reduce the cost of analysis simulation at a pricing that makes it is easy to implement. The analysis simulation software comes standard with simple-to-follow help, tutorials, and exercises that enable easy use even for engineers using it for the first time. This revolutionary analysis simulation software can be used by engineers anywhere.


(1) High functionality: Features seven analysis solvers (electromagnetic wave analysis, magnetic field analysis, electric field analysis, mechanical stress analysis, thermal conductivity analysis, piezoelectric analysis, acoustic wave analysis) and coupled analysis, and it provides modeling and results display functions in a single package.

(2) Convenience: Simple operability that enables easy use immediately after implementation.
Comes standard with simple-to-follow help, tutorials, and exercises.

(3) Low price: Annual license (hardware, software licenses, English edition)
Standard Pack $4,999/License
Options    $4,999/License
Academic Pack $199/License (software license only)

For details about Femtet®, see the Murata Software website. 

Murata in Brief

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