Revised price for English version of Femtet®



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Murata Software Co., Ltd. has revised the price of the English version of Femtet® analysis simulation software.


Femtet® is analysis simulation software first developed by Murata for in-house design 35 years ago, and it reduces rework during engineering design and development, and contributes to lower development costs and shorter lead times. In response to customer requests, an English version was released in 2015. At this time, Murata  has integrated the former separate products Femtet®Basic, Femtet®Advanced Mechanical, Femtet®Advanced Magnetic, and Femtet®Accelerator into Femtet®Professional, and revised the price.

About Femtet®

Femtet® reduces costs for analysis simulation by providing powerful functions with user/friendly operation, at a price that eases introduction to the work flow. Technical staff who are new to analysis simulation can easily get started with the software, and it comes standard with easy-to-understand tutorials and helpful examples. It is breakthrough analysis simulation software used by many engineers and technicians.


(1) Multi-function: Contains 7 “solver” functions (electromagnetic wave analysis, electric field analysis, stress analysis, thermal conduction analysis, piezoelectric analysis, and acoustic wave analysis) as well as a linked analysis function for these areas, and in a single package it offers model creation and results display functions.

(2) Utility: Simple operation that enables use soon after installation.
Easy-to-understand tutorials and helpful examples come standard with the package.

Revised price for English version of Femtet®

・A software license is available for the English version of Femtet®.
・Femtet®Professional comes with all functions except for the CAD data translation function.

Sales Price

License is for 1 year of usage

Femtet® Professional 
 $4,999 per package (excluding tax) 
CAD Data Translator (optional)
 $2,499 per package (excluding tax)
Femtet® Academic
 $199 per package (excluding tax)

For additional details about Femtet®, please see the Murata Software web site. 


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