Sensor Data Platform “NAONA” Receives CEATEC AWARD 2018



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board and President:
Tsuneo Murata 

Murata Manufacturing’s sensor data platform “NAONA” has received the CEATEC AWARD 2018 Grand Prix in the Industry/Market Category.

The following are comments from the CEATEC AWARD 2018 Judging Committee: 

・ To create the cognitive data that is offered to customers, NAONA involves placing microphone sensors, camera sensors, etc. in a space and sensing the people and things in that “space.” The people and things that are being sensed do not have to wear sensors or have RFID tags placed on them, which reduces the stress of being sensed.
・ NAONA is not only a new sensing technology; by visualizing the relationships among people and objects, it motivates people to improve these relationships. It also motivates people to create solutions using the cognitive data provided by NAONA to improve these relationships, leading to the creation of a new market. 
・By connecting multiple sensors, NAONA can visualize various cognitive information, and it has the potential to become a new social infrastructure.
・With the advancement of AI and robotics technology, it will become increasingly important for technology like NAONA to perceive cognitive information which could previously only be done by humans. 

Sensor Data Platform “NAONA”

“NAONA” is a sensor data platform that visualizes cognitive information, such as the mood of a place, or the relationships among people and things, and offers it to customers in the form of data. 
For example, by utilizing NAONA and visualizing and analyzing the communication within an office, companies can work to improve their work environment. With the advancement of IT technology, a future where AI technology and robots co-exist with humans is becoming a reality. By visualizing cognitive information using NAONA, Murata aims to realize a technology society where AI technology and robots understand humans, and communicate and connect with one another.  

「CEATEC AWARD 2018」Industry/Market Category

The CEATEC AWARD recognizes excellent technologies, products, and services from among a large number of exhibits at CEATEC JAPAN 2018. Based on academic, technological, promising, and marketable criteria, the CEATEC AWARD 2018 Review Panel will review entry exhibits and confer the award on innovative and sophisticated ones.
Exhibits that can apply for the Industry/Market Category are products, services, software, or applications that are recognized as innovations in markets that contribute to the advancement of CPS/IoT, and Society 5.0, such as mobility/logistics, smart factory, smart work, energy/smart life, fitness, healthcare, and entertainment. 
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