Murata Launches 1000mF model of EDLC DMF Series!!



*We changed the product name from "Electrical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC)" to "Supercapacitor" in April 2015.


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has expanded EDLC DMF series lineup, with addition of 1,000mF model with low ESR.


Electrical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs), with longer life time than batteries are energy storage devices with higher capacitance than what is typically found in conventional capacitor technology such as ceramic capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. 
Murata’s EDLC DMF series, featuring low ESR and the highest levels of power density throughout the industry, offer high-pwoer charging and discharging. Used as an auxiliary power supply for peak power assist or backup function, EDLCs contribute to downsize battery or power supply, reduce energy loss, or add new function which requires high power without changing power supply. 
The 1000mF model of DMF series provides longer peak power assist or backup function.


Part Number  Rated Voltage  Nominal
L x W  Thickness  Operation
DMF4B5R5G105M3DTA0  5.5V (peak)
1000mF  40mΩ  14mm
x 30mm 
3.7mm  -40℃~+70℃ 


Peak power assist 
Murata’s EDLC can assist peak power for applications which require momentary peak power. It enables to downsize various power supplies. In addition, when using EDLC with battery or power supply which has limited power, high power function can be added to application or application quality can be improved.
<Application examples>
Smart gas & water meter (wireless communication, valve operation), LED flash, IR sensor, intermittent operation of motor applications, high power wireless communication (handy terminal, tracking devices, etc.) 

Load leveling 
When combining EDLC with USB devices having limited supply or batteries having large load change, their load change can be leveled.  
Additionally, the use of EDLCs contribute to improved operation stability and quality performance of applications.
<Application examples>
Sound stability of audio instruments, operation stability of communication device, etc.

Can be used for high power wireless communication, memory, or system backup
<Application examples>
Backup power supply for PLC, POS, SSD, etc. 

Electric characteristics

Discharge characteristic

External Size


Mass Production to commence at the Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from October, 2014.

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