0402 Size (1.0 x 0.5 mm) NFZ15SG Series Radiation Noise Suppression Filter for Audio Lines




Murata has newly added a 0402-size (1.0 x 0.5 mm) component to its NFZ_S series of noise filters that are specifically designed and manufactured for audio line applications and eliminate radiation noise with no adverse effects on sound quality.


Full-digital speakers are currently attracting a great deal of attention as systems that enable higher sound quality and higher efficiency (approximately one-eighth of the power consumption) than conventional class D amplifiers. Finished-product manufacturers in a wide variety of markets have expressed an interest in these products and have begun using them in headphones, speakers, and other assembled products; as such, high hopes are pinned on their future use in smartphones and tablets as well. As noise filters ideally suited to the audio lines exemplified by these applications, Murata has been offering its NFZ_S series as a product line-up, but in response to the intensified demand for ever-smaller sizes, the company has now launched a 0402-size component that is the smallest model in the series.



Despite their small size, the 0402-size noise filters achieve an impressively high-rated current with a maximum exceeding 1 A. 
The new design reduces radiation noise in the frequency band used for cell phone and smartphone communications (from around 700 MHz to slightly over 2 GHz).


Radiation noise suppression in the audio lines of filter-less class D amplifiers, full-digital speakers and similar products

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*1 Sound quality: The distortion factor THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) is used as the indicator to evaluate sound quality. This factor is an indicator for denoting as a percentage the extent to which undesirable noise is present excepting the audio signals that represent the sound we expect to hear, and the lower the distortion factor, the better the sound quality.
*2 Full-digital speakers: Unlike regular speakers (to which analog signals supporting the changes in the amplitude of the audio signals are input), these are digitally driven speakers to which digital signals are input.

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